My friends and I went to Yorkshire Cosplay con (YCC) on Saturday. It was at the Sheffield Arena and was easy to get to and you could pre-book parking.

Once there, there was a variety of stalls selling art, merch and even scented soaps kinda random for a comic con but they did smell amazing. Other stalls and attractions included a cosplay photography area with sets and props to use such as an electric chair and Lightning McQueen.

There was also, of course, a row of guest actors and voice actors, my friend got the autograph of J. Michael Tatum and noted that not only was he and all the others friendly but that the cost was cheaper too. There were two stages of events, a gaming area and several places to buy food. Unfortunately, the food was rather costly that’s probably the arenas prices though, not YCC.

Anyway, the gaming area had lots of arcade games to play on and I was right next to a stall with cute little Guinea pigs (I wasn’t allowed to pig nap one, unfortunately). The small stage had panels and smaller events going on and the main stage was where all the main attractions happened. The smaller events were a cosplay panel, an RWBY panel and even a Kpop dance event which my friends and I saw, but did not partake though the event was fun we’re just terrible dancers lol. The main stage had performances of the Crescent Idols, Brandon McInnis, a princess sing-a-long and many other events too. The main performance my friends and I saw was Jollyboat who appeared at YCC for I believe the first time, they were hilarious and had to noticeably censor some of the songs due to the family friendliness of the even. This only made it better in my opinion Doggie! (If you were there you’ll get it). The other event we saw was the talent show which was errr terrible absolutely ….OK kidding just because I was in it and didn’t win Pout doesn’t mean it wasn’t great.

The winning performer even proposed which was sweet (she said yes btw) though other notable performances were a ballet dancing Keith from Voltron and a singing Kirishima of MHA, though all did amazing, except that terrible painter AKA me. Another event I got dragged into by the ridiculous and amazing amount of MHA cosplayers was the charity conga line that was a lot of fun and raised money for the cause.

This con also wasn’t too crowded even though it was a Saturday, we never felt like we couldn’t move and all in all, it was great and I recommend it as usual and hopefully.

my next con will be HyperJapan.