About a struggling musician who, after an accident, finds himself the only person who remembers the Beatles; he becomes famous taking credit for writing and performing their songs.


A defo feel-good movie With lots of Beatles reference. The story is a typical Love story at heart but it very good at mocking the music industry as it is now. Where it more about the “product” then the musicianship. The love story that is the heart is very good because they are so close as friends it difficult to get the words they need to express themselves


The acting is good. It has a clear love story with a villain and a comedy sidekick. Everyone played there part well. No one really stood out. But not no seems like they where do it for the money. It was a good performance  


The direction was great. I enjoyed some shots they did. It helped the story. I do have one criticism some over the overlay where to big and in your face which I did find a bit annoying


Being a film with a Beatles undertone it had a lot of Beatles songs in there. And they were great and fitted in really. With some ed Sheeran song thrown in as well.