I’m writing this review of Wales comic con. For the whole weekend

The queuing was the first thing you do at a con. and this no different and the early bird was every organized and the lines were separated so you won’t get confused and the clearly marked and Marshell coming up down the queue if everyone is the right queue, a nice touch was if you close to the front your ticket got scanned while you waited.

so after the entry, everyone went through the lobby. we the two Q&A halls. The Q&A started at 1:30 with overwatch and alternating between two halls every half hour.this was very from pokemon, buffy, LOTR, wrestling, power rangers, gothem, DC TV, once a upon a time,

a small stall selling wales comic con merch and a small area for food. one of three food area.

But most people made their way through the lobby to the main hall. pass the cosplay area which had an awesome picture service were you took a picture and have a special background. little further was the CCG area. For all your CCG needs.

next to that the second food area. a canteen

Then reach the outside where things get interesting to the left was the gaming bus, next to the gaming building. In the gaming building was a great selection from overwatch which a tournament was taking place from 1 pm to Ubisoft area which a steep, Mario & Rabbits and the Crew 2. and far cry in 18+ gaming area

and selection of small local game developers. Quantum Soup who were showing off Annwn. Plus Round Square Studio who were showing off Beyond Arms Reach.  and few others showing off games. the all look really promising. I wish them all the best in Future.

There was always time to show your gaming skills with an overwatch tournament a selection of Nintendo switch games on a big screen.

If you could drag away. for a bit there still a lot to see and do. the next stop was the merch tent selling everything comic con related there was a lot of stuff.

If you made around the tent without hurting your wallet. then the next place your be a challenge. the main signing hall. there was a secondary signing hall on Saturday because of the buffy.

There more stuff to buy, but this was the celebrity were most of the weekend the celebrity the had there was amazing this year.  A wide selection of tv and movies celebrity, professional cosplayers to a YouTubers.

so after all that, It comes down to the people and cosplayers, everyone was super amazing. here is a selection of some cosplayers. I some because there a LOADS.

I want to say thank you for every cosplayer for letting me take a picture and sorry if are any cosplayer I missed. because you’re all great.

so I’ll end this with my review 4.9 out of 5.

Great, a deffo for anyone a fan of anything.

Next one has already been announced for DEC 1-2, in the same place.

I’ll be going again.

final thoughts i want to thank everybody from staff to people. For making it a great weekend.