This was written by Dale Hazeldine

Recently Wales comic con (WCC) had Announced in their words “going on an Adventure”. There moving there next to the con in December to Telford the international centre. I am torn on the idea, I understand that the con is getting too big for Glyndwr University. but to me, Wales comic con has made the site it been there so long it part of the furniture. it the place that got me going to cons in the first so its important. so it holds a special place for me.

Like I explain I needed to move to the bigger venue but I worry that this “takeover” will turn and become the new venue permanently. which basically saying thank you wales for building up our brand now we’re going to England. Which for north Wales con scene is devastating as 3 small cons the biggest being Sci-fi wales. which we do not if it happens this year. (at time of writing)

On the other hand, there could be taking an idea form Yorkshire Comic-con and Anime league. where they have big events then have smaller events more focus on the community. An example could be, have a big event in Telford then have smaller in Wales. if that being in Glyndwr university or somewhere in North Wales. but that is an idea, I like to see what they do.

So I’m going to end on a happy note I’m glad they got so big that big sarts are wanting to come. So whatever happens, I hope they don’t forget us in here Wales.