Venue: The International Centre, Telford
Date 7-8 December 2019


Previous years Wales comic con has been in Glyndwr University. but this they decided to move to Telford at the international centre.
this upgrade was a must. there is so much more room made venue is made for conventions. the photo booth area has had a massive overhaul with being 4 room with a sperate area to pick them up. on-site catering an ATM and a nice little touches like screens that had the time table of everything on repeat


The traders were interesting as they always are a lot of stuff too but you get your pop and obscure Nintendo Gameboy imports but you’ll get some interesting and funny stuff including comic con themed dog collars, fudge and brownie, and of pop figures and comic books


Video games area was almost in the centre place of one of the halls it was the huge screen you could not miss it. the gaming bus was there it had shockrocks, which a mash-up of rocket league and unreal. the game from the developers of Carmageddon. Subnautica was there to show to the game. but it had the gaming on one side


Did not attend the panels. they seem very comic con regular game of thrones, lord of the rings, Doctor who, DC,


This was surprising as it was just right it was too long as the most year they do seem to drag but this year was just right I don’t know it because of the lack of cosplayer that took part or what. but it was just right


the signing area was definitely an improvement from last year. This year they had a queuing lane for each guest which is great. but I could be improved in small ways like a better understanding of the virtual queuing system


the staff were very visible and helpful they always help any equities you had. even the smallest thing, they were will to help. they seem to be a lot more crew around than before, that a good thing.


Amazing as always. They were a lot of different cosplays from Anime Movie Gaming and others as well. Including a Charlie Chaplin, Kratos and his son. Christmas Grinch and Christmas themed tracer and loads of others. Here are he is a few of them.


A vast improvement from the previous year, it was needed. defiantly going back. keep up the good work.