Hello, first thing. I want to apologize, as there will no podcast for the month of February I have few issues that I had to sort out. one is personal and one is technical.

The personal is something I would like to keep to myself if that ok.

The technical problem is regarding the interviews I do. At the moment my interview set up looks like this

Thanks, Jen Griffiths for the picture.

As you can tell not very mobile. With that said I’m looking for a mobile voice recorder. I won’t be using my phone someone might point out. I need a device for the purpose of recording also do I need another handheld microphone. So I’m more mobile when it comes to interviews and with the con season, coming up i think it might be a good idea. being mobile is a good thing. So I can interview people on the spot rather than pulling them to the side doing a setup like the one pictured above.

So yeah, that the reason I’ve been a bit AWOL.Don’t worry the interviews will still coming. I’m looking into places and people. I will also keep you updated with posts that are more forced on a topic. plus the normal post about the podcast itself. So, you may ask when is the next one, well. it on March 31. with an interview and a super cool announcement.

So stayed tuned.