Studio: Eight Bit
Director: Yasuhito Kikuchi
Atsushi Nakayama


A 35-year old salaryman gets stabbed after trying to project his friend, then wakes to find he is alive but his a slime with a special called predator which gives him the ability to analyze anything he devolves. so after learning to speak and finding a way out thanks to hel0p from a super-powerful dragon, he ends up a goblin village where he slowly builds it up to be a powerhouse in the region which of course brings more people, of course, they could be a new friend or foe.


At the start, I seem like a typical Isekai type of anime. where a normal person gets drop into a fantasy world where the hero is OP (overpowered). yes, it like that in some sense but it funny and with a strong current of politics like builds alliance and from trade routes. while trying to figure out what is going in and how it is pulling the strings.


there are a lot of characters I’ll to try and focus on the main characters
Rimuru Tempest is the name of the slime. it was Satoru Mikami but after the reincarnation and meeting with a dragon, he changed it to Rimuru Tempest.
Great Sage is like his Rimuru encyclopedia on this which only he can hear.
Shizue Izawa she is a warrior with the power of flame demon in her. after meeting Rimuru. Something terrible happens and they battle.

Those the three main characters. the whole cast is varied and enjoyable, they each have there skills and quirks
here is a link to the full list of characters


I have not seen any eight Bit work before. This I must say like this is not too over the top it fits perfect to the styles and story the action looks very good and the human anime looks great it does or typical anime tropes but it doesn’t go too overboard with it


ill be honest I skipped the OP, I don’t why. but just did it.


It a good story, it is a typical Isekai show but they are a lot going on after EP 3. it does a very good world-building. and a lot of humour in there to have a giggle


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