Studio is CloverWorks
Directed by Mamoru KANBE 


A bunch of orphan kids at there orphanage where they play and learn. with loving for there mother each kid as a number on the necks. as the kids grow up and leave the orphanage one by one, with their mother. During of these sends away one girl forget her favourite bear. so Emma and ray go out to give it to her. but discover a dark secret. After that discovery Emma and Norman plan to escape without their beloved mother noticing.


Right out of the gate. It hints that something is a bit off, but it never goes into it what really going, but it never shows it fully. This a roller coaster ride of up and down. So many turns it can be hard to keep track. But the pay off is worth. It’s a very good thriller.


The animation is really good but the animation is a little over exaggerated in the facial parts with a certain character, mostly the secondary characters. and most time the main characters. It can be a little off-putting but sometimes it does convey the situation.
The animation movement is surprisingly suspenseful. a small movement in suspenseful sense. they work well. the more fast sense get big cut and fast movements. Like you don’t what coming


The main 4 characters are well written each has the skill and abilities and way of thinking really just gel well together. The one main “villain” is sinister but sweet you don’t think this person is the villain until it hits. the rest of the characters some are forgetful some of their more young orphanage.

Voice actors

As I watched the dub of the anime. The voice acting is a little weird to start with but as it gets going you don’t notice it because you thinking about what’s going on.



A good escape thriller. with a lot of twist and turns.


Death note

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