The Gentlemen is a sharp entertaining British gangster movie directed by Guy Ritchie and carried on the back of Charlie Hunnam. 

I enjoyed the storytelling told from journalist Fletcher’s (Hugh Grant) point of view, revealing different characters’ motives from the past that led to him being at gangster Ray’s (Charlie Hunnam) house in the middle of the night.

Some of the dialogue was cheesy, especially Dry-Eye (Henry Golding). The swearing was excessive but some was genuinely comedic with its timing.

My favourite acting performances:

Charlie Hunnam was exceptional as germaphobe gangster Ray. He somehow managed to come across as both deadly and kind. Michelle Dockery was so glamorous and badass – I really liked that she owned a for-women mechanic car business. Colin Farrell was brilliant with his small part – the chip shop scene is all I’ll say. And Hugh Grant pulled off the slimey journalist role wonderfully, his casting was comic genius.

I would have liked more in-depth story with Ray against the heroin addicts, and a better conclusion for Laura.

Overall it was a fun movie. The movie’s strength is its characters and actors.  Ritchie has managed to create some really engaging characters. I’d like to see more and find out more about them – can this be made into a TV show like Peaky Blinders perhaps!