Reveiw written by Dale Hazeldine


A two orphans trying to destroy the japan there against the local government and the US trying defuse the bomb they set up. But slowly realize thing are not what they seem.


the story was ok. the at first you think the terrorist, but as the series goes you start to realize what has happened to them. And what there over all goal is. And I start to symptoms with them as the story goes on. As a lone detective realize what they doing and what happened to them.


beautiful  little rough around the edges but i think that make it look better. The background are super. And nice to look at.


The characters were well rounded i understand everyone motive. And why they did what they did some where a little overboard but in grand scheme of thing ill let that past.



Intense thriller

Extra information: this was directed by Shinichirō Watanabe. (Cowboy bebop, space dandy)

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