Well, I left this really late didn’t I, super bowl movies ad.  after From the ones I saw on the net. there was a long list. I’ll give a brief statement about each of them

Avengers: Infinity war PT1

Excited to see how this starts and all the films connect

Han solo

I’m little worried this might be really good or really bad. because Hans is an icon, so the fans will be split on it. That’s my thought on it. i could be wrong

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

This a film, I have to see the Jurassic world first. But from the trailer, I got some Jurassic park 2 vibes from it. that the best one in the original series

Mission Impossible: Fallout

Tom Cruise running an doing stupid stunts film. not interested

Cloverfield Paradox

Like the idea of what they did they dropped the trailer. then said after the game it live to watch. which i think is a cool idea. as for the film itself, I’m not really interested and from the word, I’m getting it not the best out of the three.


Dwayne “the rock” Johnson being an action hero. nothing surprises. OH paraplegic.

Red Sparrow

interesting could be a cold war good thriller. also, Jennifer Lawrence is the lead so a plus on that.

A Quiet Place

Interesting. I didn’t like the trailer that they posted with the lead actor explaining everything that spoiled but the interesting idea.

if I missed anything don’t to leave a comment.