Studio: Eight Bit
Director: Kazuki Akane


The story follows the boy’s soft tennis club the keeps losing until Maki just transferring to a new school, a boy is asked to join the school’s tennis team which is in danger of being shut down. So joins and starts to play with them and the whole team starts to improve but with increased confidence, some problems are to show again


On the surface, it may look like a typical sports anime team is going to keep shut down thing doesn’t improve.


The cast is varied. at the start, they seem like a bunch of losers with no purpose as they are there also compare to the girl’s team as they are champions. they know they’re no good. so their lack of motivation is clear. to add to the negativity each member has issues. ranging from gender identity to abuse to overprotective mothers


The animations are very good, Eight bit have done it again. It very grounded in reality so no overexaggerated poses and faces. the motion animation is very good you feel and know when is each is going the back forth between each character and the quick shots to show. example, when the ball hit the net are very good.


A very good drama anime. I did know what to expect before going in but I must say I’m very much enjoying it. I can’t wait for the second arc to come out


your lie in April

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