After the dust has settled down. We finally got what games we can look forward to this year and next and beyond

There’s a lot to unpack so let’s start with the no brainers. Final Fantasy 7 remake. was a big show off for square. which what I hear it really good. They so announced a release date. (March 2020) While square was showing dystopia future. Cd project red showed of there version with cyberpunk 2077 with special guest and character in the game of Keanu Reeves that also got a release of 20 April 2020

Big surprises

This was a surprise but not a big one compared to a coming next but Ubisoft announced watchdogs 3 (legion). Which as rumours said is based in London, but this version is based in “future London”. But by far the biggest surprise came from Nintendo had to come to surprise everyone by announcing Zelda breath of the wild 2. is in the work. No date just in the works with 1min of cinematic. which to me looks like a prequel to the first game maybe. That’s my opinion anyway.

There are loads of other cool stuff like Final fantasy VIII remaster. A banjo kazzui is smash character. Double fine is now Microsoft studio. Boarderlands 3 showing a new character. New halo. Gears 5 date, control, ghostwire Tokyo, elden ring,

This only small bit of what happened at E3.