So about this time last year, I went to my local video game shop Games & gear in Llandudno and bought a Nintendo switch with Zelda breath of the wild. To give context I’ve never gone out and bought a Nintendo home console. I have always been a Sony guy, the last one being a PS2. with that said I was lucky to have a go at switch on the release day, at a Local event. After seeing Zelda, then playing 1-2 switch party game. And the idea that I could take it anywhere was a big WOW moment for me.

So I went and got one, I’ll be honest I’ve never looked back. just with Zelda, which I put  in way too many hours then Mario Kart 8 deluxe, came out (which is a lot of fun, when playing with friends),

Arms, Mario and rabbits, Mario odyssey. Rocket League, Skyrim, LA norie, FIFA 18, NBA 2K18, Jack box TV, Worms WMD, and ton’s other games, 404 at last count and that just year one, I think we’re spoilt for choice.

The one thing that made me happy that I had a switch was the idea that all these game are 100% portable.

Quick story.

At an event, I was waiting in a queue at 10 am, to enter this event. So took out my switch and played Zelda and I could see two guys. watching me play so I asked if they wanted to join in. so I quickly switched (yes pun-intend) over to 1-2 switch and gave at set up the quick draw game. I held the console and they battled, and that got the ball rolling next thing i knew we had 5-6 people watching us play. quickdraw, milking cows, guessing balls and playing harry potter. after 20 min the line began to move I clipped at back together and enjoyed the event.

but it that thing we were the switch shines anytime anywhere and with anyone.

So a year, later yeah. the switch was the best purchase I made in 2017 and 2018 I looking to be a great year too.