Studio: Toei Animation
Kōnosuke Uda(#1–278)
Junji Shimizu(#131–159)
Munehisa Sakai(#244–372)
Hiroaki Miyamoto(#352–679)
Toshinori Fukazawa(#663–891)
Satoshi Itō(#780–782)
Tatsuya Nagamine(#780–782; #892-)


One piece starts with Luffy hiding in a barrel as he sleeps and get pulled on board a ship and starts fights all the pirates on the ship
It good story of friendship and how they developed and help each other out with different situations and their goal is to go on an adventure on the Grand Line and find the one piece
I like humour in it as its made laugh how Roronoa Zoro gets lost, so easily and he somehow finds his way back and NAMI always tells them off when they being silly

The first part of the story will take a while to get going but after episode 50 it get a lot better a lot of it is giving you back story for each of the characters and the story’s are good as all lead up to the point when they enter the grand line

It may seem all funny and laugh a few sad scenes that did bring me to tears or that had me so invested. from start to present, the story is good

My favourite arc from the series so far is Enies Lobby. It’s a great story behind each character and fights were awesome. one my favourites moments from the arc is Luffy vs Rob Lucci.
My favourite fight of the series so far that I have watched would have to be Luffy vs Doflammingo, I enjoyed the story that went with an arc before the fight

I would recommend One Piece to anyone really good story and is funny most of the time. The only I find with the whole series as a negative is the amount fillers episodes they put in for the manga to catch up but other than that is a good series

Below I am going add a youtube video that it sums up why I like the anime so much.

 (warning spoilers)

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