Directed by Takashi Otsuka
Produced by Hiroki Koyama
Studio Toei Animation.

It is one of the best movies that I have seen in a while.
it was celebrating 20 years of the anime and is the 14th movie in the series


The plot of the movie starts where Luffy and his crew and all the pirates are going to a pirate festival where they all have to compete for Treasure in a festival to see wish one is best This story is set after wholecae arch of one piece as Luffy latest  bounty of 1.5billion berries is mentioned a few times (oh if your wondering berries is the currency in one piece)


To understand most of the characters and the plot i recommend that watch some of one piece where they first get to SABAODY ARCHIPELAGO
There are some things to make you laugh as your watching and some serious bit too. The fights were awesome with a lot of action everywhere and the most unlikely team was formed but it was good to watch the final fight


The characters in the movie are of course all straw hat crew you got to see all the powers of the captains from the worst generation  most all of them have devil fruit powers (devil fruit powers are the powers that they have gained from eating certain fruit) some the marines are there as well
You see a lot of characters from series in this movie and almost all of them are showcasing their abilities.


The animation as a whole was very good it was very quick moving and the action was everywhere it looked amazing in every part of the anime its self


The overall view I think anyone would enjoy the movie as it is fun but maybe watch a few episodes about from 400 onwards would not start beginning as there are lot recaps.
I gladly see another one piece movie if there is a plan for another anytime soon


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