The first trip of 2018 and the MAG podcast went to Bangor University in North Wales for an event called “Nintendo North Worms”. this was a casual meet up with Nintendo fans,  with the opportunity to sit and play some switch and chat

Early morning start my switch in hand, I was ready.

When I arrived in Bangor, I found the building easily and was greeted nicely by the attendees and the organizers there was cake and drinks available for everyone

They had two protectors set up switch fun.

With chatter and games being played everything from Pac man, Overcooked, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to Zelda and of course. Worms WMD

During all this, I managed to get in an interview with organizers.

One of the organizers captured this lovely picture of how I record my podcast. 🙂

And yes that is a squid plushy from splatoon being used for soundproofing.

Thank everyone for the nice reception.

Credit to Jen Griffiths for the pictures.

The interview itself will be up on 21 January.

Their next event is on the 10th February.

Links are here

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