I know two Nintendo post in one day I might be a fanboy. haha.

But there new Nintendo direct, just drop here a brief overview.


We will start with 3ds

Two things that grab attention but everything else I skipped. I will admit 3ds is not my console


WarioWare Gold

300+ mini-games on 3DS

Release Date: August 3


Dillon Dead-heat Breakers

A wild-west-style action/tower defence game interesting I could see me enjoying that.

Release Date: May 10


Mario Luigi Inside Bowers

Another Mario & Luigi RPG with Bowser Jr get his own story.

Release Date: 2019


Detective Pikachuu + amiibo.

This surprised me in a WTH type of way but I will admit that I look funny.

Release Date: 23 March


Luigi’s Mansion Remake

It Luigi’s Mansion remake with a mode where you can fight previous bosses.

Release Date: 2018


That all from 3DS time to switch it up


Kirby Star Allice

It told about new characters and each will come as a free download.

Release Date: March 16.

The first update: March 28


Okami HD

An HD remake of Okami nothing more need to be said.

Release Date: summer 2018


Sushi Striker

This takes the title of the weirdest game on the direct. you make sushi and throw it at an opponent.

Release Date: June 8


Octopath Traveler

Shown two new playable characters and new job system in battle.

Release Date: July 13.


Travis strikes again: No More Heros

Cool wanted to play No More Hero game love the art style of these games

Release Date: 2018


Dark Souls

We know this was coming and given a release date + amiibo news. I’m going to get this just annoy my self.

Release Date: May 25


Mario tennis Aces

They went in deep with this 15 playable characters and they explain the different type of shots and

Release Date: June 22

They will be a pre-launch tournament

Which I will defiantly try


Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

A surprising port looking interesting and cute

Release Date: June 13



This came out of nowhere. I’ve never played (shocker I know) and want to play this because I have a good story and gameplay is good. so ill give it try.

Release Date: Sometime


Crash Bandicoot trilogy

YES, please. Now this super excited being an old PS1 fanboy is was my game. and now I get to play it again. Lovely

Release Date: July 10


Little Nightmare

I know a little bit of this but it interesting reminds me of limbo a bit.

Release Date: May 18


South Park Fracture Butt Whole

I laughed when the announced this because of the announcer trying not get it wrong.  a south park on the switch should be interesting.

Release Date: April 24


Hyrule Warriors

We already knew this was coming out but ill try it.

Release Date: May 18



Interesting I might have fire-up my arms and give it a try. There will be a global test punch will be on the March 31. not date yet for the US+canada open


Special side notes the producer of Arms and producer of splatoon 2 will be GDC. doing a talk should be an interesting watch

Happening: March 21


Spaltoon 2

New update at 3.0  with new maps items and a new ranking X

plus a new single-player campaign is also coming. Octo expansion which a paid DLC

New single player character Agent 8. also a pre-order bone of new stuff

update: April

DLC: Summer 2018


And last but least, oh Boy they save this until last

Super smash bros in 2018 that all we know.


Thanks for reading this was my first Nintendo Direct Post. I tried getting it out fast is a can. if I missed anything please give a shout thought my social media. FB. twitter and discord. (MAG Uk podcast)