Studio: Bones
Dictator: Masahiro Mukai
Written: Yōsuke Kuroda


We start with some the students that passed there pro hero exam, trying to find out which agency there will be working with in the coming months. As the begin to search. all might with the help from lemillion, gets a place at nighteyes ( who was all might former side kick) acenecy. then they discover the Yakuza have a new leader and is making wave in the villain circles


the season started werid with randon ep about photograper. then it went to the meat of it. i did find the slow but fun. as the story progressed it got better and better. untill i reached it end. It was great end and this only the first half the second is still to come.


The charaters were alot more flushed red roit had an whole episode about him which is really nice to let some of the other side chararters explain ther back story. everyone got a shout at telling there own back story and it never felt forced it fit with the action in the arc. i lernt alot more about Suneater and his relashionship with lemillion.


the animantion is still being made by Studio bones. as always there are still killing in the animation department. but nothing has inproved. but compare to to the first season i did notice a upgrade in the design of deku


I’ll be honest the op for this season never got me as for other seasons. which a shame becasue i do enjoy there op. just this never got me



Very good, keeps the story moving foward add new charaters and expands on the current ones. animemation is still top class. Odd start to the season which might confuse some people.