The story sees the class of 1A get assigned to a remote island which is small with a very low crime rate with no help from adult heroes. All is well until an unknown villain attacks the village island. Then it’s up to our heroes to stop them.


As an independent story is really good as you don’t need to know too much about the TV show. They do a good job of explaining the basis of the world in flashback. The story on paper looks like a very basic story. Kids saving the world, but there is little context to keep hardcore fans to happy but not enough to isolate new fans 


Studio bones again knock it out of the park even on a big screen it was amazing. The animation was improved from the series appearing more detailed and flowing and is especially impactful during the fights. I’m a little as this was my first time seeing anime on the big screen. I will say the bigger fights were a little disoriented. They were a sense during the big end fight that I found I did not who was doing was a little but that might a style choice to show how fast they were going. 


The character was as you expected if you have seen the anime. If not then does explain it all with small flashback and little voice clue and character ques. The two main got most of the screentime, but everyone got to show off their skills in big ways which is cool to see. Compared to the first MHA film every character got to fight in all these cool and crazy quirk combinations allowing for awesome creative fight scenes unlike any other anime 

A different point of view

During the screening, I did go with someone who is not a fan of the show and asked her if she could write a paragraph on her thoughts on the film as a non-fan

“I hadn’t seen an episode of My Hero Academia before seeing the movie Heroes Rising. I’m a fan of anime and had heard great things about this series so thought it’d be a good opportunity to see this movie on a big screen at the cinema. I was really impressed by how the movie explained how this world works with quirks and heroes and villains. I quickly understood who the main character was, that is Izuku Midoriya, and what kind of person he was. I found him very likeable. I really appreciated how he wants to help people and how he treated everyone with kindness.

I really liked seeing what all Midoriya’s classmates’ different powers were and how they were used. Even though there were lots of characters I felt like everyone had their moment to shine and I got a good sense of their different personalities. I was surprised at how many hilarious moments there were! My favourites involved Bakugo. Also, the little boy who needed protection was so adorable, I loved his character design. 

Overall I found the story very engaging and the graphics, especially the battles, entertaining and colourful.

I’d definitely like to watch the anime series now.”


The film was very enjoyable as a fan and as a non-fan. Would recommend it. As a fan yes. And as a non-fan, I would say yes. But I would say watch a few episodes first. to get the full experience. Also, watch the dub as the fights are so good reading and watching the fights would be tricky as a non-anime.



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