Miku Hatsune! ♥

Miku expo was amazing and I want to go again. It was held in the O2 at Brixton (A much better venue than last time I’m told) and it was awesome, the was plenty of space for the most part and getting inside was quick once the doors were open. The queue outside was long, all the way around the block if you weren’t VIP but still had a good atmosphere with all the fans, the cosplay and quizzical looks of passers-by, despite the cold weather.

Travel was awkward for me at least because the A1 is always terrible XD but once I arrived the show was defiantly worth it. There were several bars, several merch stands and three floors to spread out on before going into the main show. The stage was massive and lit up all cool with lights and effects and even tinsel falling at one point. The floor was sloped so even a shorty like me could see the stage. The whole atmosphere was incredible and fun everyone jumped around all crazy and waved glow sticks in time. It was great to see in person and the sticks changed colour for each character and the band.

Miku performed obviously but also there was Kaito, Len&Rin, Mekio and Luka. Merch and the like was kinda pricey but defiantly worth it as it’s all official and of high quality. It was just amazing and you really had to be there go google it for videos if you’re interested it’s a must-see for any Vocaloid or Jpop type fan.
Also below is the set lit for anyone curious, think I got it right urgh Japanese names.

Set list
• Teo- Miku
• Raspberry Monster- Miku
• World Is Mine-Miku
• Sweet Magic-Rin
• Law-evading Rock-Len
• 8Hit-Len and Rin
• Warm-Kaito
• Ramunade Blue no Shoukei-Meiko
• Hyper Reality Show-Miku
• Miku-Miku
• MikuFiesta-Miku
• No Logic-Luka
• Even If It’s Your Happiness-Luka
• Jump For Joy-Luka and Miku
• Rolling Girl- Miku (My favourite)
• Ohedo Julia – Night-Miku and Kaito
• Decade-Miku
• Blue Star-Miku
• Music Like Magic!-Miku
• Tell Your World-Miku
• Sharing The World-Miku
• Bring It On-Len and Rin
• Lucky Orb-Miku

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