MCM Manchester was awesome! I went for the whole weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it! The venue was huge with hundreds of stalls and several separate areas for stages and panels, cosplay meets, autographs and photo opportunities and a food area. There were a few busy areas in peak times as can be expected but it was never too claustrophobic. The place is also in the centre of Manchester with many hotels and travel links and a large outdoor space as well……..but the weather was rainy made that kinda redundant and was the only really negative thing.

There were a few organisation issues too such as the times for the photo sessions changing, and there was a one-way system that forced people out into the rain to come back around to get to a certain area inside. So, of course, that’s no good for people in elaborate costumes and makeup not that the staff weren’t polite or anything about it, it just confused people.

All the stalls were amazing and I spent way too much money and could still have brought more. Everyone I spoke to was friendly and polite some even running a stall in cosplay (Killing Stalking in case anyone is interested I need to look up their names though urgh).

If you like the look of there stuff their prints are here or @MrEchoAngel

.And of course, I got a giant pink dog from Tofucute,

I passed it at least five times and couldn’t resist. So yeah a lot of fun merch and cool artwork was to be seen.

The other best bit was, of course, all the cosplay I had particular fun at the, my hero academia meetup despite to room being warm and it being too rainy to go outside.

We took so many fun photos even if it was hard to find the area it was taking place at first, and yet again I need to find the names of the cosplayers who organised it.

There was also a lot of events panels and guests at the con, I’m told that it was all good even if I didn’t get the chance to see them as there was just so much to see. I’d recommend planning the weekend if there are things like that you wanna do at these big events as there’s just so much you can never see it all and that’s not a complaint!

My next con is Animeleague Leicester or Alcon for short, then MCM London in October

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