Venue: London Excel
Date: 25-27 October

I went to all three days of MCM London and loved it. This con is the biggest one I’ve ever been to we looked around all three days and there was still stuff we didn’t get a chance to see.

There were literally hundreds of stalls selling merch, art, cosplay supplies, video games, comics, anime and manga, food and drink. The whole review could just be only a list of them and it’d still be too long. A few my partner and I liked best were, tofu cute they sell plushies, cute ones! I want them all. Milk and pearl bubble tea was a place we liked to get drinks, totally worth the queue. Literally every stall owner we talked to was friendly and polite especially all of the artists who were all great and unique. We also saw a sweet tribute to Kyoto Animation where you could write your own message on the wall.

There was a photo area with a Halloween theme given the month of the con, we all got pics near the giant pumpkins.

The venue, London Excel, is huge and relatively easy to navigate once you get the hang of it, each area has a number and a letter N for Northside and S for Southside. There was even an outdoor space with great views over the River Thames though unfortunately, the weather was not kind to us, though from my experience with summer there it’s a nice place for photos and fresh air. And of course being in London the transport and accommodation is plentiful if a little dear at times, some recommend going for cheaper and just travelling in as the con is right near an underground station, it’s also fun if you’re in cosplay and want to scare the normies. Cosplay! The cosplay is amazing and everyone goes all out at such a large event especially as they have the cosplay championships.

However, of course, there are people of all abilities and all are welcomed. There were fan meets throughout the weekend, I tried using the MCM website to find out about them but got an error page, in the end, we found out about them from other attendees, who said to just use Facebook for information. It was difficult as several outdoor ones were moved due to the weather, thankfully there is a large empty indoor hall to chill in. The only other difficulty we had was that Saturday is insane! It’s so busy and crowded that if you can only go for one day I don’t recommend choosing this one, or if you go for all of the days don’t wear a large cosplay on this day. All in all, I totally recommend this con it’s so massive there’s so much for everyone, it has a great atmosphere and never enough time to see it all XD