Review was written by Amy Choppies (@amychoppies)

I attended MCM Birmingham on Sunday March 24th.

It was a huge and busy, exciting con with something for everyone and I would have easily found things to do on both days if I was able to go. Being in the NEC it was easy to get to especially by train as I did as the station is linked directly to the building even if it’s a bit of a walk. The place itself is huge with multiple events going on but the con was clearly signposted, and it’s also easy just to follow the other cosplayers, unless they are lost, that’s happened to me before…

The even was very busy even though I was only there on Sunday, I’m told Saturday was worse as one usually has to wait for the crowds to dissipate to really enjoy or see anything.

Sunday when I went was not as bad except at certain times and everything was well spread out. There was a lot to see and do more so than my last con London gaming mini con, and it had a wider variety of stalls and activities.

There was merch for any fandom you can think of, an artist and comic book area and some places for children to play. The highlight for me was meeting my new friends and running into some old ones and of course, the cosplayers, particularly the Boku no Hero Academia meet up (ran by BNHA/MHA cosplay group UK meets on facebook for details), which was one of many fandom meet-ups that occurred across the weekend.

The BNHA/MHA cosplay meet-up

To conclude MCM Birmingham was a lot of fun and I recommend it.