My girlfriend and I travelled to Manchester by train for this con the night before on the 12th of April. Though a long way it was worth it and a fun convention, we went in cosplay as Yoon Bum and Sangwoo from Killing Stalking. There was lots of stalls, cosplay and events and performances throughout the day. MAGC takes place in two buildings, the Sugden sports centre and another across the road where more parties and such happen, later on. unfortunately, we didn’t get to attend any of these as we had to leave so early. The only downside of being so far away from the convention for us but not a fault in the event itself. The con was busy as some parts of the day with it being a Saturday but nothing unbearable and everyone there, staff and attendees were friendly.

the floor of Manchester anime & gaming con

The highlight for my girlfriend Ranae was all the reasonably priced merchandise of which she got about three bags of and, all of the artists. They were all good, unique and friendly selling prints, badges, books and much more in lots of styles of good quality. One notable one even had a tightrope as in she actually cosplayed her OC and walked across it to entertain everyone. Also shaved ice…Ranae has a thing for it and she’s obsessed especially if you’re a certain ice cream man in London but that’s a whole other story, so yeah they had shaved ice which is great!

Thanks for reading and my next convention. I attend will probably be Yorkshire Cosplay Con in Sheffield Arena.