A Review by Amy choppies (@amychoppies)

I travelled down to London for the mini comic con in the Olympia on Saturday the 2nd of March.

It was pretty busy looking to start with but we soon made it inside and once there it wasn’t too crowded. It got worse at around just before dinner time but soon quite down and isn’t as bad as some other cons I’ve attended.

Only being a mini con there wasn’t as much there as at the main larger on in summer, but there was still many stalls to look at and lots of guests.There was stalls of all kinds things anime merch, Sci-Fi, original artwork and books nothing particular caught my eye, it was just the usual stuff you see at cons. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! If I had to say I’d guess it was mostly sci-fi merch more than anime stuff which I usually go for but was still all good.

The venue was plenty big enough and as previously mentioned didn’t get too packed, except maybe sometimes on the stair cases. The Olympia has a high roof and a lot of light, there’s also a balcony like second floor great for photos of the con and cosplayers. Also useful finding people you’ve lost somehow despite them easily being about seven foot tall.

Speaking of cosplayers there were lots and they were all awesome, especially the my hero academia ones though I’m biased as that’s what I cosplayed. A few other noteworthy ones were, Tooth fairy from rise of the guardians with moving wings and eyes, and Miles Morales Spiderman from the spider verse movie, along with many others. However that could easily take up half this review and I was so shy to ask for pictures, so moving on.

Being in London of course there is ample transport links nearby and car parks for drivers, though London is always busy to travel in as my party did. Only going for one day I don’t know about accommodation but one can assume there is lots in such a place. All in all it was a good con, at least on the day I went I don’t know about Sunday,  I’d recommend anyone go to it if it sounds ideal to them.