Venue: The rocket complex, 166-220 Holloway Rd,

The convention as a whole was very good I enjoyed each day made a ton new friends.
I cosplayed all three days Friday: Zeref Saturday: Luffy Sunday: Natsu

On Friday was my favourite event, the cosplay blind date as you blindfolded so you don’t know who is going to pick from the audience for your date
I found the upstairs and downstairs stage was always busy with everyone moving around a lot there was a band on stage downstairs and talent show upstairs I enjoyed the day got to see a lot of people the cosplays where awesome so many favourites.

On Saturday there was a lot more people that attended with it being a record day for over 3500 in on the day they really did well as the weather was not good a lot of people came up to ask for pictures of my cosplay which made me happy
I enjoyed cosplay masquerade as it went well see what idea that people have come up with when making cosplay, I watch one the person I was staying with at accommodation perform to support them. I saw Jollyboat perform then went to see the Auction tried to make a bid but I lost.

On Sunday I met up with a friend it was her first time at London Anime & gaming con. We tried some anime bingo took part in guess the anime opening and also did the big geek quiz there were a lot people there but it was soo much fun as they got on stage for a clan battle as well which was fun to watch

The events and all the parties had few drinks but what I liked most was the fact that they had water tower that was filled up when empty so keep self hydrated for free the karaoke was great on each night and everyone was joining in.

The accommodation was great. I liked the fact you get up and have breakfast before the con and talk to all your friends in common room it was brilliant I highly recommend any to stay there as everyone is really friendly the facility is clean and had no problems.

The travel in getting there was brilliant the Piccadilly line goes right from accommodation to event which made it easier but this next part was own fault XD I carried my large suitcase up 172 steps at tube station did not see the warning till got to the top

I enjoyed the con as a whole will definitely be going in summer.

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