This review was not done by me, this review was done by Matt Swearman.

Liverpool comic con was a brilliant experience, I come from the Isle of Man so we don’t have any conventions to go to. This one was well worth the travel!

Everyone I met at the con was very friendly, funny and easy to talk to. I went there knowing nobody and came away with a bunch of new friends. I would urge anyone worrying about attending an event like this, to just do it. You will be around fun and friendly individuals who share the same interests that you do.

The event was attended by both interesting and high-quality celebs. The panels were all very interesting to listen to, the people were generous in sharing their experiences and giving advice. They were all eager to interact with the fans and answer questions.

I boarded the nostalgia train when I saw the long line of arcade machines. A great trip down memory lane for old school gamers like myself. Note to self, they are all free to play, so don’t pump them full of cash next time!

The stalls were a geek heaven, so I spent a great deal of time browsing! I bought a huge amount of anime and video game merchandise. At the time I was pleased with my choices, but almost regretted it when I had to carry it home (I regret nothing!). The people running the stalls where knowledgeable and interesting to talk to, most of them where fellow geeks and very helpful. Unfortunately, many of them also explained where I could buy online, so that will put a further dent in my wallet!

The real highlight was the after party. Spending time (and having a few too many drinks) with fellow geeks, cosplayers and celebs was great fun. I learnt the hard way not to stay out drinking at the after party until 4 am in the morning when you have a convention at 9 am in the morning! I guess you live and you learn!

Going back to work after the convention brought me back to earth with a bump and looking forward to the next convention on my list.

In conclusion, I had a lot of fun, met some great people and will definitely go to the next comic con (if my bank balance ever recovers). If you are wondering whether to attend a conference, I cannot recommend this one highly enough to you.

If you want to get a flavour of what the conference is like check out

Again I thank Matt for doing this.