Venue: Exhibition Centre Liverpool, King’s Dock, Port of Liverpool,

This review was Saturday only 


The layout was good. The traders and signing area was big. Lot stuff to see and do and take pictures and stuff to buy but I’ll speak about traders. Ina moments. There were places to sit but because of the number of people there they went pretty quickly. Which is not a bad thing it just happens as I did some exploration I did find a quiet room which I think was a great idea. I wish that they had said more, but I understand that if it said more people use it and it would be Bizzy and not quite. The other sitting area was mostly in the walkaways and stairs and on the way to the auditorium which was a great placing. in regraded to the sitting in the signing/ traders there was some but little of them for the cafe. There was an area above the cafe which had a great view of the con.

The Gaming area

The gaming area was on the was could be seen as the second floor or floor 1.5. The area was small. I was a little disappointed at that. The games sitting area was varied which was nice, but I found to the side room to fighting and Minecraft. The smash tournament was an odd as they changed it from 2 pm to 1 pm. Trying to get people to sign up just here the smash speak to this person. It could have been promoted better mad to feel like a big deal. the set was just three screens which could have been tricky. 
My only improvement I would say is the layout for the line for photo ops was oddly placed for someone as poplar the queue would go the length of the trader’s area. Which is a little annoying 


Most of the panel ran on time with 5minture over on some which is not a problem on some. They did cancel 2 panels because the guest could not make it which was a disappointment but understand given recent developments 

During the panel, the host was very good. SoCal Val was professional and funny she was very good at the host. And there was a guy in auditorium 3 was good as well 

The panel was varied and different stuff from brain blessed, David harbour, David Jason frank, American pie cast to a surprise panel from Sabina the teenage which to the never-ending story cast. Also, a nice surprise is could watch a panel from a big screen in the trader/signing area. Which I thought is a cool thing. 


The traders were very good a lot of stuff to buy from drawing local to a national artist to comic book artist, you had pop figures, masks, body pillows, anime figures, fudge bits to eat and try and drink for more adult attends.  As well as replica sword, engravable bullets and of course comic. If I had more money I could defiantly have spent a lot of money 


The location was easy to walk from the city centre it was on the docks which in Liverpool very noticeable but I did not see any noticeable sign to tell people where to go for the event but hat just might be okay, for some who knows. as we walked from the hotel. I would say if some did not know they I could see how I could be difficult.


The gaming area needs improvement maybe a stage or something like that.
Security could be an improvement we walked in with bags and no one checked it.


Overall It was a really good convention. Small improvements, But still really good convention. I would recommend as an alternative to the MCM and show masters.