this review was written by Dale hazeldine

This event was ran the Anime Leauge and was held at the Marriott in Liverpool

A Cold and raining to the start of the event but you can’t blame the organizers for that. the reception by the volunteers and crew was really helpful and quick the que was small at the start but the fact that I might have been the rain might of stop people from coming early.

So lay out was a bit different ground floor had anime screening, talks, and gaming room. While the first floor had the reception, main stage, table top area. which speaking to someone who went to the event on the Sunday did find very confusing

The talks I attended were ok. I really attended one. The room was small, so ok for a panel but from what I saw as walking around there was no many there but I could be wrong.

The gaming had a decent games mostly fighting games with a one racing game. But there was options to play different games but I was not if they could be played? But it was always bizzy with a few tournament going on thought out the days

The main stage/ tarders area was the of the bizzy area. With more than a dozen stalls to buy stuff. I did find some of the stuff felt the same but there was some Verity with artist and sweets

The main stage and sitting area did seem small. But they’re was loads of stuff going and stuff to watch and take part in games shows and pently of was to take part. Masquerade, geek quiz, lip sync, and many other things

The table top was one of bizziest and a lot of games to play which was cool and everyone seems to very nice. For me to jump in and play.  The whole vibe was a one of meeting and making friends. Which I lovely feeling.

The criticism I could give is they need a bigger place and to hopefully have in one floor. Not over two floors. I just recently heard that next it will be at a bigger place so they understand that issue

Overall: I enjoyed the days that seem small but it was good a few stuff to do and close to the city centre to grab a bite and also going and exploring