My partner and I went to Linc-con 2019 it was a fun if small con held at the Lincoln Engine Shed. There were several rows of stalls, a video game area, some food vans and a stage with events running throughout the day. Everyone there was friendly and polite and the stage events we entered were funny and well organised and allowed a lot of audience participation. My partner cosplaying Deku from my hero academia even got to enter the family fortunes game…..her team lost but it was still fun even is she didn’t get to win any superhero toilet paper. We also both were allowed to enter the cosplay contest as Deku and Bakugo it was super busy but they organised it well and everyone got sweets for entering. They let people of all types and abilities enter from causal or brought costumes to full hand made ones, which were amazing to see. To conclude this was small but it was still a lot of fun and I’d recommend it for anyone in the are especially as it takes place in Lincoln my home town.