This blog post has been interesting to write. I’m no super fan of Kyoto animations work. but I do really enjoy there work and philosophy.

for those who are not ware their studio is a beacon to many other studios on how you treat people and their properties. I could go on but that, but that is a whole article in its self. but the short version. they treat there staff and properties are treated well.

But what happen to them is so wrong. that even non-anime have said that is wrong. it wrong on so many levels. It really hard to get even my head around. like why is the first thing? because they “stole idea” (that is a strong rumour at the time of typing. no official word has been given yet as to why) if that the case. that go through the offical channel, do a court case, write a blog post with loads of evidence to prove your point. something not just going to the studio and burn it. (if may go on a slight rant here)

I hope the guy survives his injury, normally I would want his head and for him to pay for his crime which he will. but I come to realise, he survises and is burned. if (that a big IF) does come out of prison? I wanted to be burned and have scars so he is reminded of what here did. and if everyone can see it then everyone will know the crime he did. (ok rant over)

There is some good that comes out of this whole thing. It brought a community together. As we have started to split into a smaller fandoms community. This one act of evil has brought everyone together. Regardless of there if there a fan of the studio or not. If you want to prove, then go and check out their gofundme page ($1.8m as the time of writing) If does not prove the power this community as a whole, can do then nothing will.

Also if any money is made of this article all money will go to the gofundme