The whole film could be seen as an origin of the DC villain of the joker. but it’s so much more than that

This is an interesting review because there is so much to unpack. So I’m going to fair unspoiled and careful.
It is a film that can be difficult to watch I do wonder how I got it 15 ratings in the UK.


The story shows Arthur Fleck a struggling clown/stand up in what from understand is Gotham in the 80’s
As he descent into becoming the joker.

During there are loads of underlining tone and themes. Including mental health issues and societies issues.

But its character piece about someone decent into what could be called madness and crime.

The story is fantastic. To show his descent into becoming the joker. The pace was great It never felt rushed. It all made sense every thread made was a part of the story.

As a self-contained story. it great but They do make a noticeable name drop. It is important and it does that does push the decent but not in the way when it does get dropped for the first time.


Joaquin Phoenix knocks it out of the park. Did an incredible job as the joker and showing his decent in the joker. His transformation is incredible

You could see the beginning of it right at the start but it a slow burn until a certain point where floors into place and the gears start to turn. And the way he portrays the character was jaw-dropping I never thought oh there’s Joaquin Phoenix


I normally I don’t talk much about but the music perfectly places for his crazy movement and tone of the scene.


Overall 10/10

Brilliant. A modern classic.