Studio: Disney
Directed by Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee
Produced by Peter Del Vecho


I really liked Frozen two, it was really pretty perhaps more visually stunning than the first, I don’t think it’s better than the first but I still enjoyed it. There is never gonna be another song like “Let It Go” but I do like the songs, my favourite is Anna’s song “The Next Right Thing” is a sad song on dealing with grief, though of course it’s Disney so you know the dead character isn’t gonna stay dead, without saying too much. Kristoff also had a funny song some people didn’t seem to enjoy it much but I found it a laugh.

Another point to note is that this one felt more mature than the last Frozen not in a bad way but it defiantly made the characters seem more developed. Anna and Elsa are clearly the best part their relationship as sisters is so cute, there are some new characters I liked but unfortunately they didn’t get as much screen time, I don’t know why. The story was a bit confusing for me though I did enjoy it still, the whole mystery of the voice and the forest and how it connects to Arendelle’s past, and the origin of Elsa’s magic. It was also good seeing Elsa as a happier character when compared to the first she got a lot of pretty outfits there is gonna be so many toys and cosplays I just know it and I’m not complaining.

All in all I’d recommend watching it even if just to see what the fuss is about it’s pretty and got nice songs, and a cute pair of royal sisters who are the real heart of it.

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