En’en no Shōbōtai

David production
Written by Yamato Haijima
Directed by Yuki Yase


In the world of human combustion, there is fire force to handle it we follow company 8 as the try and stop them. but something is not right in the world and company 8 to have been tasked in find out what


The story seems simple company 8 stop the threat of Human combustion. But its more than that with each company not trusting each other And the consistent threat of secret society. 


Each character is surprisingly unique. The main hero Shinra Kusakabe is a child whose mother and brother die in a fire caused by the Human combustion of the mother. Then he get what the show says is devils feet.

The rest have their own style like the quite priest with scored past to the captain op strength, to a king Arthur clone you could say. That company 8

Each of the company has there own style and ways. But at the moment I have only seen glimpses of them. But I do like what I have seen so far. there is an element of something bigger going on


The music for the OP is catchy and rocking.
but I think the really quiet star of the show is the Sound Effects in this show, with some people have the ability to make fire. the explosions there’s an undeniable thumb to it to give that element of the power behind it. which really draws you into the action


The style of the animation is close to studio bones on soul eater. But a little tone down. And more grounded in reality. Oddly for a show, people combusting and people throwing fire around. it looks clean you can see what happen ing and nobodies morphing unnaturally.


I could not tell you who they are or how they compare to the Japanese half but you feel each character good and bad. Like of yeah that guy is psycho. Or that guys are there to do the right thing. 


Overall a good show. You feel the fight scene and the sense of this society and what there plans to keep my coming back to find what happens.


As the moment if writing im on ep 15