Directed by Shinji Ishihara


  • A-1 Pictures
  • Satelight (#1–175)
  • Bridge (#176–328)
  • CloverWorks (#278–328)

Produced by   

  • Taihei Yamanishi (#1–48)
  • Tomonori Ochikoshi (#1–226)
  • Yoshikazu Beniya (#1–277)
  • Yōsuke Imai (#49–214)
  • Tetsuya Endō (#215–277)
  • Noritoshi Satō (#227–328)
  • Aya Yoshino (#278–328)
  • Akiko Nabeiwa (#278–328)

Fairytail is a story about a guild of wizards that have strong bond friendship and look out for each other this story start with Lucy looking to join the fairy tail guild and after meeting Natsu and Happy her life is changed forever 

There is plenty of fights and many types of magic users can be interesting to watch different abilities grow as they go on different quests together and fight dark guilds
If you think this anime will appeal to a lot of gamers as it all the elements of the quests, forming parties and fighting bad guys 
I suggest that you watch from the beginning as it gives a story about the main characters how they become part of the guild 
The characters in fairy tail are mainly from different wizard guilds some similar magic abilities but most of them have different ones like Dragon Slayer, takeover, celestial and magic that changes there clothes with guild masters like parents to the guild in looking after there children 
The wizard them self have also 2 classes which normal wizard then you have the S Class Wizards who strongest in the guild under the master

The animation is very good the magic circles are always made more of the focus of casting spells the colours are well used and enjoyed how when the dragon slayers attack the add the dragon in the background make more powerful I think 

As a whole, I would say fairy tail is right up there as one of best anime with story and the way showcase all magic powers is amazing, I recommend it to anyone that into there Game of thrones or harry potter it is truly one of the best anime I have ever watched would gladly watch it again