Hello, Here is a list of the events for the month of March. Because of there being no podcast in February, I explained why Here. I’m writing all the events that are going on in the month of March with links to have a look.

First off is the

Science Cafe & occasional cinema there showing Ex Machina,

Date: 8 March

Place: Blue sky cafe in Bangor, North Wales,


Next on the list is.

Vintage Sunday Studio Ghibli season  

Date: Every Sunday from 11 March until 8th April.

Place: Picturehouse in Liverpool.


Then is

Liverpool Comic Con 

Date: 10 and 11 March

Place: Exhibition Centre Liverpool


Next is one of the big cons it

MCM Birmingham comic con

Date: 17 to 18 of March

Place: NEC Birmingham 


Another one

Keighley Comic Con at the

Date: 17 March

Place: Keighley Victoria Hall, 



Same day

Bath Comic Con

Date: 17 March

Place: Bath Pavilion 

A lot of cons on the 17.


Here’s something else

Mario March

Date: 18 March

Place: Critical Hit games in Liverpool.


Manchester mini-con

Date: 24 March

Place: Flour & Flagon, Manchester


On the same day, there is

Medway Comic and Screen Festival

Date: 24 March

Place: Gillingham Medway Park, Chatham, Medway


Card Game Event

Dragonball Super Tournament

Date: 31 of March

Place:  4th planet shop in Wrexham 


Last one

Birmingham easter big geek meet

Date: 31 March

Place: Birmingham New Street Train Station


Cardiff Easter big geek Meet up

Date: 31 March

Place: Cardiff Central Station 


Remember if are any event you know of coming up, don’t forget to hit us up through Social media or email telling us about the event.