With E3 just around the corner, I thought let’s do a list of title that might be announced at E3 this year.

These are in no order to this list. these are just my thoughts.

A ton of release dates

This obvious as there will be releases for year rumours Flying rumours that games like

  • Cyberpunk 2077 out in February 2020.
  • DOOM out in 2020
  • Death stranding in november 2019

Nintendo and microsoft Working together

With the games like cuphead out on switch and the announcement of the game pass coming as well. so i’m excepting to hear more about Nintendo and Microsoft working together more


They will be to promote daivison 2 and skull and bones. but it seems like to give some news on Beyond good and evil 2, the heavly rumourd Assassin creed ranokrok. possible maybe news Watch dogs 3, Splinter cell (reboot/squal)


Nintendo will there to promote mario maker 2. the second smash DLC charater. Maybe they might drop some news animal crossing . pokemon, Metroid prime 4, and a Metroid Trilogy

EA games

EA will be there to protome there sports titles and battlefield. as maybe give some news on Star wars Fallen order. there maybe some games that slipout during there presentation like battletoads and new need for speed but they won’t make a big deal out of this.

Dino crisis Reboot

this “reboot” has been rumored for years and Capcom are light this year so maybe this something they might pull out to peak the interest .

News on Elder scroll 6

Bethesda might just be there to promote DOOM eternal, elder scroll online and elder scroll blades. They might drop some news about elder scroll 6

Destroy all humans/Darksiders (Reboot/ Squeal)

After a THQnoric AMA they “accidentally release the list of games. but this coming from 8chan thread. so it going in predictions.

So let’s see if any of these prediction come to pass.
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