Studio: TMS/8PAN
Directed by Shinya Iino
Written by Yuichiro Kido


In modern times. After a green flair, the whole world gets into turns to stone. After 3700 years a young professor has woken Senku Ishigami with expert knowledge of sciences. Hopes to bring the world back to it former glory though science and technology. While Tsukasa Shishio thats want this new world to dominate strength and power. Which he is the head of.


The idea is cool and the compost is cool is shows the process Of them making the idea they need from simple iron to electric to medicine. The story starts and simple then start to evolve into some then it turns to something different but it all over-arcing feel to it 


the OP is good. I do find myself quoting the open line. the music overall is good is there is a lot of that makes feel good. Like when they make something new there is an uplifting feel to it. 


The animation is good but I can tell if it mean to be serious ish or a complete joke because of there many touching moments. then is a moment where the animation goes into meme territory. which is very funny but the tome is I can be little of putting. An example is a hero side is in an important fight. and get the final blow but the villain does the whole eyes come out his head thing.


As with my other anime review in the dub. I can not compare to the subtitled version. but the dub is really good you know the who each charaters is. and there motives and the VA protrays that. also mad props to the VA of Senku. has to keep the charaters and name all the name all the chemicals.



The show is good and educational. If your interested in science.