This review was written by Dale hazeldine


The CGI in This film is top notch. The pokemon looked like they meant to be in that world. They never looked like they were tact in. even pokemon in the “wild” looked like meant to be there. They actually looked cute. I said awww loads of to times during the film.

Voice Acting

Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu was the best choice for the detective Pikachu. I don’t think de Niro would fit it. Ryan, he had spunk and his quick wit from films Deadpool was defo in the show. But it wasn’t the overtop and clean. There is a sense where it does get a little dark and even Ryan says this little dark. He’s smart and plays into the story. And I’m surprised that Ryan really knows has to make to you feel too sad.


the story was a bit cheesy and simple but you never really knew the whole story until the end of ⅓ of the film. Even though the story is simple and cheesy it was super enjoyable. It did rush at the start once Tim meets Pikachu. an example would of they found this 5 min late they found this clue. I felt a bit rushed. Once it properly got going the twist that happened were good.


The actors were good there a nice surprise in there I did not except. The chemistry between Pikachu and Tim was an ok a few moments where you do feel for the characters. I didn’t like the reporter at the start she seems over the top cocky like some 40’s reporter. I would say more about her but it going to the spoiler. so I won’t. It was a little off-putting but toward the end I liked her. I didn’t chase a girl thing I felt a bit forced but it wasn’t too bad to affect the story.



Good wholesome fun. I would take kids (adults)  if pokemon fans and GO Fans as well.