I recently saw an Article form the Guardian about 5 gaming myths we need to shoot.

Five damaging myths about video games – let’s shoot ’em up

I was going to write a Facebook post about this but I thought this would be better. This is my personal thoughts and experience on this. topic. So here we go

1.Video games cause Violence

Let’s start with an oldie but a goodie, the video games cause violence has been debunking, hundreds of times. Personally, I have played hours and hours of “violent video games” and had no urge to go out and slaughter people. The reason I think these sick acts are happening is lack of support. There is no one there in that person life to go. Hey, you ok or a place for them to sit down and chat about what going on in there lives. Then they get angry at the world.

Fear leads to angerAnger leads to hateHate leads to suffering.”


So let’s not just throw a new media to wolfs, let’s learn to ask people. You ok, and have more compassion to people.

2.Video Games are Addictive

This something I can not give a whole lot about. But according to WHO (World Health Organization), video games disorder is a thing. Ok, personally I think that BS. I can not give personal experience. But here is a video from @Extra Credits. That do an excellent piece on it. I strongly recommend everyone to watch all three videos.

@extra credits game Addiction (1/3)

Also throw in there the Not a babysitter episode as extra

3. Gaming leads to social isolation

OK, my Favorite one. that “statement” is absolute BS. I have met many people through gaming. From being thrown into an over-watch game having just 2 games. Going to my local Gaming shop spending an hour there just talking about games. Or going to Nintendo events and shouting at each other “I NEED LETTUCE” in overcooked.

Thanks to these moments. I’ve met so great people and become friends with many of them.

I have seen it in a game as well, people who try to do heist in GTA5. by talking to each other to plan. In WOW (World of Warcraft) were people around the world talk to each to plan an adventure or just have fun. I could go on for hours. but ill stop there you get the point it amazing thing.

Now I ask why. Well, I think it because we have demonized it as a bad thing. It will make you violent, they make you lazy and fat. etc, etc. For a long time that people do not “come out” as a gamer. Which in turn leads back to the game, which if not monitored can, in turn into an addiction.

To end this on a positive note this slowly changing with games becoming more mainstream. with games like CoD, Fifa, Madden, pokemon go, Wii/ Nintendo games forcing on family inclusion, candy crush, clash royal, and many others. plus more people saying they play games actors, sports people, musicians. which means cool about it. But they still are people most the older generation. who just listen to what there being told though tabloids. 

4. Its just a Meaningless waste of time

Really? With e-sport becoming Bigger and bigger. Recent Examples them Seeling out MSG (20,000 seats) for LoL (league of legends) World cup semi-finals. Where are million pounds prize pool on the line? plus the fact BIG sponsors going become more interested in Esports. Things can only go UP. so can you really say that train for a few hours is pointless? when there is an opportunity to win possibly millions and make a VERY comfortable living of playing Games.

That only the only form making money from playing video games with the rise of YouTube and Twitch And other streaming platforms. You can make money from playing video games by ads and sponsors and via donation from the fan base. Example: Ninja, Squirrel, and many others.

5.It’s purely entertainment

On the point “it’s entertainment”. yes, I could agree to a point. playing some like 1-2 switch & Mario Kart with family. cites skylines & the sims by yourself, and grabbing some friends for Fifa, can be fun. in the background you thinking how can make this house/city better. How I can shave that second off my Personal best. Or what sort of Attack would work great in this a situation. it seems like fun and it is. but in also thinking and learning.