Seems i talk about movies, let’s talk about dead-pool 2

it funny really funny, everyone bought there A Game. Ryan royenls is amazing as dead pool. that a no brainier at this point. domino was hilarious. i’m little dis-pointed in the villain, no i won’t spoil it. i don’t think he was given enough time. he seems every genetic and very stupid at parts, and some time a little cringe. the ending for him was very good. the side characters were you’ll remember but

This might be spoilers i don’t know if they mentions in the trailers but x force. it could not been used. I found it a long throw a gag. That went a bit to long, They could have cut that down a bit.

the story was very good you feel for very character. i did feel for dead-pool and his “friend” can’t really say anymore because will go in do spoiler area. but yes you feel for each of the characters i wish they did more with domino because she mention something but i used as throw away line. that some where you could have gone.

one thing i must meation in the UK its a 15 which surprised i thought it 18. i mean there some nasty killing. no blood. but they way some people died. even i went ouch. yes their was swearing a bit tone down compare to the first but a lot innuendos funny ones as which laughed

in closing very good if your needing laugh just go and turn your mind of and enjoy.