Studio A1/ studio Trigger

Directed by Atsushi Nishigori, Toshifumi Akai (assistant)

Written by Atsushi Nishigori, Naotaka Hayashi


A group of kids under the orders of their so-called father that fight alien force is known as klaxosaurs. they battle them in a machine called franks

The Franks take a boy a girl combination to work. 016 also called Hero. Is alone he does not have a partner until he meets and girl with horns called 002. He starts questions everything as slowly falls in love with her.


The story is interesting it seems like generic kids fighting monsters in mecha but once you start diving in the multiple love stories going on are super interesting. Then it goes to an anti-government vibe to love will conquer all story. So it really good the action scenes are top-notch and the drama yes it a little bit cheesy sometimes but it all makes sense.


So many characters.  You have plantation 13. who are a group of kids with their own problems with love and many different things. You have 002 who could be the catalyst for everything. You have the so-called fathers. this mysterious being who rules over this earth. “Adults” who look after the kids. There dr Franxx a scientist who asked if could experiment on the kids of plantation 13


This a collaboration between Trigger ( Kiznaiver & Kill la Kill ) And A1 pictures (Your Lie in April & Sword Art Online ) it’s a very good collaboration. The styles from each studio work well together they never clash but you can tell which studio worked where the action is so studio trigger but it’s kind of restained which is needed. While A1 is the drama side 


The op was a little annoying at the start that might be overplayed thing but in context to the show, it fitted really well


As always I can’t compare to VA Japanese. But I will say most of them are ok. There duo of Zorome and Miku that can be little annoying and 002 can be little annoying keep yell darling say his name. but that very small annoyance.



Very good anime. I almost cry at the

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