Chester comic con is enjoyable as a family centred conversation

The layout is different but it was marked but not very well I randomly walked in Pavillion, not 100% sure if I was allowed to be there.

The queue was quick. I think I spent about 20-30min waiting so really not long I wish I had read the general admission time. As I arrived during the early bird. And there was no general queue until the early bird had gone in. 

So after I got I got a lovely yellow band. 

After a walkabout, I found the VR pods

The VR pods were enjoyable but they do need work as during my ride it went black a few time but I was told I have to be centred. ok, I guess. £5 decent price. 

After more walking, I went to Pavillion I had noticed that a few were not sure where it was. 

I found the gaming part which was fun. They had one row of Nintendo and one row for sega in order of date I don’t know if that intentional but I liked it. 

While there I found a local board game company team star punch testing their new game and we got I decided to interview them. (Next episode)

Right behind them was a breakout, Chester. An escape room. Which I something I can see I haven’t seen in a comic con before. you know I trying it so I did and I did not complete it but due to a mistake then gave me extra which was nice of them. 

After I Bumped into an old friend. Had a chat and a catch-up.

So we wandered around. Grab some lunch and the site which ok in price-wise. It never felt expensive.

and wander around taking pictures

I finally got some interviewing done with mahouology and team star punch

After catching up on friends and wandering and a lovely chat with some vendors. 

I got a call form star punch and got to try their board game. Which I can I very interesting think Cluedo but deeper. So it a fun game to play with a group or a conversation.

So overall a good day it needs some clear signage more stable sign as the wind did take some away. and maybe a direction sign to the entrance so people don’t get confused

but with that said its a very good family con. I would recommend this as a good starting point or a day out.