Here is my review was written by Dale Hazeldine.

This was a small con. so I’m going easy on it because i do understand that small con and it has some limitations. with that said. I’m going to break it down by topic. Giving each topic a score of 10


The queuing for the entrance i was relatively quick I was done in five min. i had come in late so maybe the reason why but still good thing. 

The queuing was never really an issue you easily walk into the panel room and not queue. Which is nice.

Overall: very happy

Score: 10/10


For clarity, I did not attend any panels. so I personally so this section can review the quality. However, i did see the room where the panel would be taking place. From what I saw they small 30/50 people could maybe fit in. 

Overall: It was a small room get points for the intimacy of the room. that all i could give 

Score 4/10


They had two places to play games. one was the room next to the panel room. which had two tables to plays games and the rest were to sell games. the guy at the stalls was very helpful with a question I had cyberpunk 2020 game I was to find out information on.

The second was three tables in the main building that a section of games. and it was right as you come in. personally odd place to them there. 

Overall it okay, i could have but RPG room instead of gameing room. so people do get confused. as they children would read that and go and thing video games 

Score 6/10


I understand that its third year so I wasn’t a big name. they 4/5 guests there. I personally didn’t know how 

Score: 3/10


The dealers were everywhere that good thing.  most were selling people selling pop figure and others gaming and comic stuff there were some quite a few artists that caught my eye. I wish I had more money to support them

Overall the dealers were  very good

Score 9/10


The event was at Chester race course.  It was a bit out of the centre of Chester but not too far. for a taxi, so easy walking distance. the site itself was a bit in the centre ring which was a bit weird as you had to walk around to get the main con area. but 


Score 8/10


No accommodation needed but links to accommodation were close by so if want to you could stay over.

Overall: not going to rate this as it does not con related to the con

Fellow con goers,

everyone seems nice very friendly and there for a fun day out. I did get chatting to different people. they seemed very nice and willing to chat.

Score: 10/10

Final thoughts.

My final thoughts. it was okay for a family day out type of con.  they were there moments that I thought I should go home. so more stuff to do could be something to look in to.

Overall Score.