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the human has migrated to Mars and civilisation has advanced to the point where most culture is made by AI. but Carole is a young girl who runs away from home with her trusted guitar and tries to make it big in the city. while walking discovers Tuesday with her trusted piano and they make music together.


I love this type of underdog music story. It super refreshing to see the parallels it with this world. when there is a that most pop music is very computer driven and there is no heart. this should you can make music without using computers. I love it


the animation is WOW. Studio bones have really knocked out of the park on this one. The character design looks amazing each has there own style and you can tell the difference between each. and the Background look amazing could be used as a screen saver if not already. the animation for the music scenes must be done by mo-cap.


Ok, so this is a music anime. let’s talk about music. The music is interesting because of it good but I do wonder if most of the song is in English and is been shown on Japan Netflix. I do worry that the lyric won’t have the same type of pop there as to here. but ending on a good note the song they do have are incredible catchy I’m seeing a whole playlist of songs coming from the show. I will be getting one or two.


The characters are super relatable with shut-in girl oblivious to the world, (
Tuesday) Street smart pianist (Carole), The down on his luck manger, the tech-savvy fan, there is also Angela. A model that wants to become a singer to become “famous” and the AI producer (Tao). which you could say computer driven side compare to Carole and Tuesday that is more real.
The other side-character is well defined and each has there owned reason and drives.



really really good, gate way anime.


Your lie in April

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