Written by Dale Hazeldine

I will not grade this as normal as i find it trick to individuals sections


The story see captain marvel going up again a force of shape shifting aliens and also trying to find out her lost identity

I thought story was ok a good it show that you can do anything. If just keep trying and not let anyone or thing stop up and keep getting up. Also  a slight side i while thinking about this was the idea you should not believe what you’re told by a higher force and look into stuff and make your decision.


As the film is based in the 90’s there were a lot of 90’s bands and songs. I smiled at the slight nodes to the 90’s with pager and no cell phone, blockbusters and radio shack, nerf  guns.


The Fx were really good but it marvel so i’m accepting excellent and they did not disappoint.


I had heard the acting was “wooden” but i found the acting to ok. The chemistry between marvel and fury as funny i laughed  and the rest of the cast were great the chemistry was great it looked they had fun.

Props the alien leader i guess but was really good.


It links nicely to many other marvel film nicely.  and the stan lee cameo was cute and nice. The marvel sign at the start was lovely


The film was good, it need something special but i can’t put my finger on it. But i wasn’t board so that a good thing. good introduction to the character of marvel. And the post scene was good.


Solid film