I found Bristol anime & gaming con to be fun. I went to the con only knowing a few people but come out of it knowing more than that when I left. I loved every moment and I felt like that there was something for everyone

The pro

The convention is in Bristol Future Inns, which was a great location is close to everything I was even able to get a pizza because of how close everything is the convention place also the place had good public transport if you want to explore bristol. The event staff were friendly which made me the whole atmosphere really good and very chilled out with that atmosphere meeting new people was easy. There is a lot to from playing to DnD, video games, taking part in stage activities, watching panels or just watching anime. Or partying the night away, there is something for everyone.

The Cons

the convention was on the 6th floor, which can be struggling for someone with a big cosplay. the event needs a bigger place as the venue felt small and very overcrowded in the corridors sometimes

They Needed badge names on the bottom floor not on the six floor as many people didn’t know it was on the 6th floor.


Overall this con has been a great experience for me I love the dancing of cause and all different cosplays
I would gladly come back to Bristol as for every con I been to it made feel part of a family that everyone is there for each other and felt safe while there it been great con thanks everyone at The BAGC for a great day well-done guys