Beastars is such a cool anime and not like anything I’ve seen before. It’s a CG anime about anthropomorphic animals in a world where carnivores and herbivores live in harmony, or at least appear to. The story follows Legoshi a 17 year old, quiet, grey wolf as he attends Cherryton Academy. The animation is good to look at despite CG anime not always being too great, it works well with the antro designs and makes them more believable and leads to some cool moments like when the characters instincts take over. There are a few 2D moments in some episodes too and it is also worth noting the opening is actually in stop motion, and it’s both adorable and creepy just go watch it.

It’s fun seeing the world that is created and how it all works with all the different species living together and all the interesting different character designs. Speaking of characters Legoshi is adorable and I love him XD seriously his character is one who is naturally big and strong as a carnivore and tries to not show this side of himself. This contrasts with Haru (a dwarf rabbit girl) his love interest/potential meal interest? Yeah the conflict within Beastars is that all the characters have animal instincts no matter how they may wish to act which causes the drama. Haru is a good character she appears to be the typical moe type girl what with her being a young cute rabbit but it’s a surprise to learn she actually isn’t, I don’t wanna spoil too much. The other main character is Louis, a deer boy who desperately tries to act strong and perfect to prove he can be despite being a herbivore, he’s awesome too. Furry jokes aside the plot is great too starting with an arch related to the school’s drama club and then going on to the more serious scary stuff later, I won’t spoil it all here. Also I’ve not read the manga but from what I’ve heard it’s a faithful adaptation and sometimes the scenes appear to be replicating a manga as the screen splits into panels. To conclude I recommend this anime as a unique one to watch, not exactly family friendly with the violence and sexual stuff just so people know but it’s a good show and I look forward to season two which is said to air in 2021.