Let me just say this It was the smallest con I’ve been to but with that said it was surprising and nice and relaxed atmosphere look at the view.

The layout was easy to navigate. you could see everything. The timetable was not very well placed or shown. I have no idea who or what was on and what time. like the idea of music being played thought the day with an announcement dropped in now and again.
even if it was for the cosplay masquerade. I was at the Nintendo North wales stall

I do have 2 constructive criticism to make. The cosplay masquerade could have but it on later. As by the time the cosplay masquerade came around. 70% had gone home. So maybe that one last thing. And my have stuff going on or make the cosplay longer.

Part from that the con was very good and the weather did help, for a first con i would say great and roll on 2019.